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Licenses: CCC1326964 and RX11066694 

Will my yard be a mess after the job is done?
Absolutely not. Every day we work on your home, we will clean up at the end of the work day. Once we are finished, we completely clean the area, including gutters, lawn, shrubs, bushes and driveway. We make every effort to leave the area surrounding your home in its original condition. We even use a magnet to get every last particle.

Do you require a down payment?
And when do I make my final payment?We require a minimal down payment required to put you on our schedule. Your final invoice will be sent to you within one to two weeks of completion of the job.

How long will the job take?
On average, most jobs take two to three days to complete, depending on the size of the roof, weather conditions and the building inspector's schedule.

Is there a five-year labor guarantee?
Yes. We offer a five-year labor guarantee and the manufacturer warantees the materials. Extended manufacturer warantees are available.

Who will do the actual work?
We do all the work ourselves. Our employees, not sub-contractors, are involved in your project from start to finish. This results in the best possible workmanship, quality and accountability.

Do you have any references?
Yes; they are readily available upon request. Also, please see our testimonials page.


How long has Harvath Roofing been in business?
We have been doing roofing work for over 14 years.

Are you certified and insured?
Harvath Roofing is a State-Certified Roofing Contractor, and an Aluminum Specialty Contractor. Upon request we will provide proof of full workman's compensation and liability insurance.

What is the advantage of using an GAF-Elk Certified Installer and CertainTeed Quality Master Installer?
The GAF-Elk Corporation and CertainTeed Corporation both offer extended warranties on supplies, and sets forth rigid quality specifications for its members.

Is your work inspected for quality assurance?
Our work is inspected throughout the roofing process by official local, city and county building inspectors. The job is not considered complete until we have a final, government-approved inspection.

What is the process for getting an estimate?
First, we will measure your roof. Then, within three to five business days, we will schedule with you a time to discuss our free estimate.

Before you start the job, how can I prepare for your arrival?
We will need access to your driveway and to outside power. It helps with clean up if your lawn is mowed before we get there. We cover the area adjacent to your home with a protective tarp so please store any movable objects (i.e. lawn ornaments, lighting, plants) in a safe place.